Educational Training and Consultancy

Training Available

Education & Pedagogy

  1. Learning Design (e.g. "Flip Your Classroom for Better Engagement")
  2. Mathematics Education (e.g. "Engaging Math Students with Technology", "Designing Open-ended Math Tutorial Questions", and "Learning Math Collaboratively")
  3. e-Learning (tools, pedagogy, implementation)
  4. Plagiarism, Copyright and Creative Commons
  5. Adult Learning
  6. Math in Art and Music
  7. Cross-cultural Understanding


  1. PHP, CSS, HTML5, javascript
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Wordpress blogs

Location: South East Asia ... and beyond.

Murray Bourne
Murray Bourne

Trainer: Murray Bourne

Teaching experience has included:

  1. Secondary school teacher (grades 7 to 12, Australia)
  2. College level mathematics (in Japan)
  3. University mathematics & math education (in Australia)
  4. Polytechnic mathematics (in Singapore)
  5. Trainer (pedagogy, e-learning, in Singapore)


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